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Geologic Formations

burro canyon for strat column web

Lower Cretaceous

Burro Canyon Formation
140 million years old

100 feet thick, sandstone, conglomerate and green mudstone.

Morrison - 1 (at artist point)web

Upper Jurassic

Morrison Formation
150 million years old

Brushy Basin Member, 305 feet thick, Red, Green, Purple and gray mudstone and bentonites with occasional sandstone lenses.

Salt Wash Member, 93 feet thick, Thick channel sandstone with minor red to green floodplain mudstone.

Tidwell Member, 134 feet, Interbedded sandstone & green mudstone with thin limestone lenses.

Wanakah for strat columnweb

Middle Jurassic

Wanakah Formation
160 million years old

31 feet thick, thin red mudstone, sandstone and green shale

entrada web

Middle Jurassic

Entrada Formation
165 million years old

Board Beds Member
Slick Rock Member

151 feet thick, Salmon-colored eolian (wind-depostied) sandstone with white bedded unit on top.

Kayenta - 05

Lower Jurassic

Kayenta Formation
190 million years old

76 feet think, sandstone with minor shale and conglomerates.

Wingate - 2

Lower Jurassic

Wingate Sandstone
200 million years old

329 feet thick, eolian sandstone with large, sweeping crossbeds.


Upper Triassic

Chinle Formation
210 million years old

88 feet thick, red mudstone, shale, conglomerate and thin limestones

Precam - 1


Black Canyon Group
1.7-1.5 billion years old

Basement rock. Gneiss, schist and granites.

Did You Know?

Golden eagle

When desperate, golden eagles can take down animals as large as bighorn sheep or mule deer. Golden eagles can be seen in and around Colorado National Monument. More...