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    National Monument Colorado

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Third Grade

Third Grade Programs
Example Field Trip Schedule
*Actual schedules will depend upon the number of students, ranger availability, time available for the field trip, and length of programs chosen.


3 Program Options:

A. No Thoroughfare Canyon Hike (3 miles, 3-4 hours)
Fall Theme: Rock Cycle Ramble(Earth Materials: Rocks & Soil/Rock Cycle) Students will investigate the rock cycle and explore the three different types of rocks in the canyon. Science 3.1
Pre/Post Field Trip Activities

Spring Theme: Spring into Life Cycles(Growth & Development: Life Cycle Events )On a hike in No Thoroughfare Canyon students will explore the life cycles of insects, amphibians, and mammals. Science 2.1

B. Serpents Trail Stroll (2miles, 3 hours)
(Geography of the Grand Valley)
While hiking down the historic Serpents Trail students will gain a better understanding of the geography of the Grand Valley and history of the area. Social Studies G.1, H.2
Pre/Post Field Trip Activities

C. Activity Stations and Short Walks (Choose 2 of 3)
Based from Saddlehorn Picnic Area, near the Visitor Center.
Each station is about 1.5 hrs. long. Pre/Post Field Trip Activities

Radical Rocks (Earth Materials: Rocks & Soil/Rock Cycle)
Through games and activities students will discover how rocks form and change throughout the rock cycle. Science 3.1

"The Valley of the Grand" (History and Geography of the Grand Valley)
On a walk to an overlook of the Grand Valley students will identify landforms and gain a better understanding of the human history of the Grand Valley and the Monument. Science 3.1, Social Studies G.1, H.1, H.2

Investigating Insects (Growth & Development: Life Cycle Events)
Through games and observations students will investigate insect life cycles. Science 2.1


Did You Know?

view at Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument is located near the northeast corner of the Colorado Plateau, an arid semi-desert region located between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Basin of Nevada. The average elevation of the entire Colorado Plateau is over 5,000 feet! More...