• View from the Canyon Rim Trail. Photo by Jeff Kochevar


    National Monument Colorado

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Curriculum Materials


Pre and Post-Field Trip Activities

Landforms (3-5 grade)
Weathering and Erosion (3-5 grade)
Fossils (4th grade)
Rocks and Grand Valley Landforms (3-5 grade)
Flash Flood Videos

Plant Adaptations (3-5 grade)

Animal Adaptations (3-5 grade)

Human History
Ute History (3-4 grade)
Western Colorado History (3-4 grade)

National Park Service
Introduction to NPS (elementary)

Scavenger Hunt for Outside the Visitor Center


Did You Know?

Golden eagle

When desperate, golden eagles can take down animals as large as bighorn sheep or mule deer. Golden eagles can be seen in and around Colorado National Monument. More...