• View from the Canyon Rim Trail. Photo by Jeff Kochevar


    National Monument Colorado

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  • Visitor Center is OPEN 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Daily

    Alcove Nature Trail CLOSED for reconstruction until further notice.

Be A Junior Ranger

Jr. Ranger Activity Guide

Download the Jr. Ranger Activity Guide or pick one up at the Visitor Center.

Jr. Ranger Badge

That's the Jr. Ranger Motto. Follow the steps below to earn your badge. The activity guide is designed for ages 5-12 but there is no age limit.

Working to complete the Jr. Ranger Activity Guide.

Working hard!

1. Complete the activities
in the Jr. Ranger Book.

Going for a hike.

Enjoying the trails.

2. Go for a hike!



3. Have your work checked by a ranger to receive your Jr. Ranger Badge and Certificate.

Did You Know?


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