Ongoing Activity 3 – Update CLIP Tool & Report Results Yearly

After completing your initial baseline emission inventory, CFP member parks should produce emission inventories each subsequent year in time to report them in the CFP annual survey that will be sent to all member parks July 1st via a Survey Monkey link and replies are requested by the end of August.

The survey will ask questions related to your emissions goals, your success stories, any barriers you have encountered, and questions you might have for the CFP program team. This information will be used to describe the status of the CFP program, collect results of CLIP emission inventories, and summarize actions CFP member parks are taking to reduce emissions in NPS, DOI, and OIG required reporting. This is important to complete in order to maintain membership in the program.

If data are acquired for activities that occurred during the baseline year that were not available when the baseline inventory was developed, the baseline inventory should be updated to account for those data. For example, if the baseline emission inventory did not include emissions for non-road equipment (despite the park’s use of this equipment) because of a lack of data, the baseline inventory should be updated to account for non-road equipment once those data do become available.

If the park takes on new activities that produce emissions that did not occur during the baseline emission inventory year, these emission activities should be included in subsequent emissions inventories. The emission reduction goals that the park establishes based on the baseline year apply to new activities. As such, if a park has chosen to reduce its baseline emissions of 100 MTCO2E by 10%, but then builds facilities that increase its baseline emissions by 20 MTCO2E, it will have to reduce its emissions by 25% to reach the original emission reduction goal of 90 MTCO2E.