Milestone 4 – Become Certified: Complete a "Comprehensive" EMS or an Action Plan

Developing Emission Reduction Goals & Using CLIP Data
The CLIP Tool focuses on the overall GHG emissions that your park unit generates and provides you with the baseline needed to identify, implement, and monitor GHG emission reductions. Specific reduction targets need to be contained in your action plan/EMS (____ Park will achieve __% reduction by a designated year using an identified baseline from its CLIP Tool, e.g., 15% below 2005 levels by 2012).

In addition, CLIP Tool Module 2 provides assistance in determining emissions reduction goals for your park in relation to facilities related activities and can provide the foundation for some of your reduction target goals. Keep in mind, to have a robust framework for responding to climate change; it is important to include both quantitative and qualitative action items in the CFP Action Plan / EMS. Never underestimate the value and savings achieved as a result of behavioral change. A goal should be low enough to be achievable, yet high enough to stimulate creativity, innovation, and substantially reduce your GHG emissions. Parks around the country have used Executive Order 13423 (2007) and Executive Order 13514 (2009) as a framework for setting a goal.

For more information on setting an appropriate emission reduction goal, please contact your CFP team.

Complete an Action Plan / "Comprehensive" EMS
The CFP Action Plan / EMS details the mitigation actions the park will take to reduce park emissions, prepare for a changing climate, and outline education and outreach activities the park will engage in to educate park staff and the public about climate change. Often, this work is organized by an existing green team around the various topic areas. Each subset should consider the interrelations of these topic areas. For example, the park’s climate change adaptation strategies or actions to reduce emissions should be presented in educational materials to inform the public of the efforts the park is making to address climate change. After the CFP program receives and accepts an Applicant Park’s final CFP Action Plan / EMS, the Applicant Park will officially enter the CFP program as a CFP Member Park.

Submit your Action Plan / EMS
After completing your CFP Action Plan / EMS, e-mail your document to the CFP program at A list of CFP elements that are required to be in your EMS is provided in the CFP Guidance, as is the completed Flagstaff Monuments CFP EMS as an example. The CFP team will respond with suggested changes within a three-week period. Upon completing all changes and modifications, the document should be resubmitted via the above e-mail address. Once the CFP program has reviewed and accepted the CFP Action Plan / EMS, the park is considered a CFP Member Park.

Become Recognized as a Climate Friendly Member Park
Once an EMS or an Action Plan has been reviewed and approved by WASO CFP leads, your park will receive a letter announcing you are now recognized as a Climate Friendly Parks Member Park. At this point, a web page highlighting your previous climate-friendly accomplishments, your inventory and portions of your EMS or Action Plan will be developed and posted to the Climate Friendly Parks website. Your park will also be featured on the CFP listserv. You will be able to link to your CFP page from your park home page, as well.