Milestone 3 - Conduct Workshop or Training

In order to accommodate the unique needs of each park unit, the workshop length and scope will be developed with the guidance of park staff. For example, in some cases, a cluster workshop consisting of a few adjacent parks will be efficient while at other times a workshop with one park will be necessary. The material provided on this website is oriented to a WASO-led CFP workshop with the understanding that four months is needed to plan a workshop. However, changes can be made to accommodate park- and regional-specific needs. Sample Workshop Agendas and a Workshop Planning and Logistics Sheets are available in the CFP Program Guidance.

Workshop Summary
During the CFP workshop, a contractor will take notes each day, including a summary of each presentation, action items developed during the break-out action planning sessions (including flip charts and other group notes), and a summary of the 2nd day voting results. This workshop summary will be sent to park staff two weeks after the workshop and is a great resource to include in your EMS appendices. Sample workshop summaries can be found on the CFP SharePoint site.

Note: A WASO-led workshop is not required in order to become a CFP-certified park; however, some form of training does need to occur. Holding a CFP workshop provides a park unit with help in facilitating the development of the best mitigation strategies for your park, and additional technical support.  In time, the goal is to build regional support to more efficiently and effectively host CFP workshops across the nation.  If you are interested in a training alternative to the WASO led workshop please contact our CFP team for guidance. 

Who should be invited to a CFP workshop?
Workshops are enhanced by the participation of a range of stakeholders in the park partners, gateway community organizations, and relevant federal agencies interested in the topic. Consider this your opportunity to hear from sustainability/climate change experts, deepen relationships with your gateway community, tribes/pueblos and affiliated organizations, as well as provide your community with an educational platform to learn more about sustainability and climate change. See the CFP Program Guidance for a sample invitation.