Milestone 1 – Submit a CFP Application and/or Speak with Your Regional Point of Contact

Applying to the Climate Friendly Parks program is the first step toward being recognized as a Climate Friendly Park. Upon submission of the CFP application, the park is considered an Applicant Park. Only after having completed Milestone 4 is the park formally considered a member of the Climate Friendly Parks network.

Step 1: Submit CFP Program Application & Supporting Documents - Submit your application via e-mail to

Step 2: Receive Confirmation - The CFP program team will contact you and provide you with the CFP Program Guidance within two weeks of receiving your application.


For more information, please contact the CFP Team:

Margaret McRoberts, (303) 987-6668,

Julie Thomas McNamee, (202) 513-7182,

Ryan Michelle Scavo, (202) 513-7062,