What is the Climate Friendly Parks program?
The Climate Friendly Parks (CFP) program—a collaboration between the National Park Service’s Park Facility Management Division and the Air Resources Division—provides national parks with management tools and resources to address climate change. The program aims to provide national parks with comprehensive support to address climate change both within park boundaries and the surrounding community.

How does the Climate Friendly Parks program help National Parks with climate change issues?
The program has a three-tiered approach: 1) measure park-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, 2); develop sustainable strategies to mitigate these emissions and adapt to climate change impacts; and, 3) educate the public about these efforts.

What resources and support does the Climate Friendly Parks program provide?
  • Inventory Support - Our technical experts help guide parks through conducting a GHG emissions inventory using our Climate Leadership in Parks (CLIP) Tool.
  • Action Planning Support - Our technical experts help parks develop a strategic plan forward to address climate change and sustainability challenges.  The CFP Program recently transitioned from requiring a stand along plan (Climate Action Plan) to encouraging parks to integrate CFP action items into their Environmental Management Systems (EMS).
  • Education and Outreach Support - The CFP team and our regional partners help parks create outreach strategies to promote climate change efforts and to educate visitors about their contributions to emissions reduction goals.

How can I participate in the Climate Friendly Parks program?
1. Submit a CFP Application that provides the CFP Team with baseline information about your park.

2. Use the CFP’s Climate Leadership in Parks (CLIP) Tool to develop an inventory of emissions generated within your park.

3. Complete an Action Plan or integrate your CFP actions into your park’s EMS by using the Climate Leadership in Parks (CLIP) Tool to outline the emission reductions and economic benefits of your park’s climate-friendly actions.  The CFP program helps your park develop the best emissions mitigation strategies by encouraging discussion between park staff and stakeholders through on-site workshops and online trainings.

4. Monitor your progress and report results with an annual questionnaire that feeds directly into the existing EMS structure on which your park is already required to report.

When will my park be considered a CFP Member Park? (for NPS staff)
Once a) an Action Plan is finalized and signed by the park Superintendent, or b) CFP actions are successfully integrated into your EMS, your park is considered a CFP Member Park. At this point, the CFP website will feature a page highlighting your previous climate friendly accomplishments, your inventory and your action plan and/or CFP-related components of your EMS.