Module 1: The Emission Inventory Module

Module 1 of the CLIP Tool estimates GHG and CAP emissions from park sources (e.g., mobile combustion, wastewater treatment) and sums these emission estimates to produce an inventory for the entire park. Module 1 is designed for use by one or two individuals who collect "activity data" (data on activities that produce emissions) and enter the data into Module 1. After completing an inventory using Module 1, the user exports the results of the inventory to Module 2.

DOWNLOAD Module 1 v4.2 (8.9 MB Excel File)

Components of Module 1:

Welcome Sheet - The Welcome Sheet introduces the user to the CFP Program, the CLIP Tool, and Module 1's content.

Control Sheet - The Control Sheet serves as the main interface for Module 1. The Control Sheet allows users enter background information specific to their park (eg. Park visitation), navigate to all other sheets contained in Module 1, and export the results of their emission inventory to Module 2.

Background Sheets - The Background Sheets help the user complete Module 1 by providing guidance on how to use the tool, what data to collect and where these data can most likely be found.

GHG Source Sheets - The GHG Source Sheets contain calculators that estimate GHG emissions for sources relevant to the park. Each sheet is dedicated to a specific emission source. Emissions from all sources included in the inventory are aggregated in a summary sheet, which is reached after navigating through all selected GHG Source Sheets.

CAP Source Sheets - The CAP Source Sheets function in the same manner as GHG Source Sheets, and are designed to estimate emissions from CAPs.