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A Resolution providing for Expenses

A Resolution providing for Expenses incurred in searching for missing Soldiers of the Army of the United States, and for the further Prosecution of the same.

WHEREAS Miss Clara Barton has, during the late war of the rebellion, expended from her own resources large sums of money in endeavoring to discover missing soldiers of the armies of the United States, and in communicating intelligence to their relatives; Therefore--

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of fifteen thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to reimburse Miss Clara Barton for the amount so expended by her, and to aid in the further prosecution of the search for missing soldiers; and the printing necessary in the furtherance of the said object shall hereafter be done by the public printer.

APPROVED, March 10, 1866.


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This 1866 Public Resolution is transcribed from the Thirty-ninth Congress, Sess. I, Res. 11. Statutes at Large, Treaties, and Proclamations, of the United States of America, Vol. XIV, George P. Sanger, ed. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1868)

Did You Know?

Clara Barton seated with a female nurses graduation class.

Clara Barton is probably the most famous American nurse who was never a real nurse. She cared for wounded soldiers in the Civil War and as President of the American Red Cross she organized over 18 relief efforts, but she was a former school teacher and government clerk.