• Photo of cannon at Antietam National Battlefield

    The Civil War


Photo of Confederate President Jefferson Davis

An enormous range of beliefs flowed across the political landscape of pre-Civil War America, and this is reflected in the rise and fall of a dozen different political parties that tried and failed to find a unifying political strategy that would end sectional strife. Only the events of April 12, 1861 would clarify this landscape and politicians of every description welcomed it… at first.

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  • Claiborne Jackson

    Photo of Claiborne Jackson

    Claiborne Jackson was the Governor of Missouri from 1860 until he and other secessionists lawmakers were forced from office by loyalist troops in 1861. Jackson fled to southwestern Missouri then Confederate Arkansas, where he died in 1862. Read more

  • Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

    Andrew Johnson

    Photo of Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson was a Tennessee politician and Vice President of the United States who ascended to the presidency in April 1865 upon the death of Abraham Lincoln. His benign approach to the reintegration of Southerners into the Union following the Civil War contributed to his impeachment in 1868, which failed in the Senate by a single vote. Read more

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Photo of Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln is arguably our nation's most important president by virtue of the crisis of disunion that faced him when he took office as the 16th President of the United States and the manner in which his resolve maintained this country through four years of Civil War. Read more

  • Stephen Mallory

    Stephen Mallory

    As a pre-war senator from Florida and chairman of the Naval Affairs Committee, Stephen Mallory was well suited to become Secretary of the Navy for the Confederacy. Read more

  • Humphrey Marshall

    Humphrey Marshall

    Humphrey Marshall was a congressman from Kentucky in both the United States and Confederate States Congresses who had a brief, though unsuccessful, military career early in the war. Read more