• Photo of cannon at Antietam National Battlefield

    The Civil War


Photo of Union General Ulysses S. Grant

Military figures, of course, dominate any list of people caught up in the experience of war. A few entered the American Civil War carrying memories of earlier battles in Mexico, Canada and along the American frontier, but most had no military experience at all. No matter; success in war would not depend on pedigree.

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  • Fort Monroe National Monument

    John Ericsson

    John Ericsson

    A highly accomplished inventor and mechanical engineer, John Ericsson's historic design for the U.S.S. Monitor was instrumental in ensuring Northern naval supremacy during the Civil War. Read more

  • Annie Etheridge

    Anna Etheridge, one of the Civil War's only two female Kearny Cross recipients, is proof that women of the era could be just as brave as men in places of battle. Read more

  • Nathan G. Evans

    Photo of Nathan Evans

    Although Nathan Evans' quick-thinking saved the Confederate army at First Manassas, the reaminder of his Civil War record would not be nearly as distinguished. Read more

  • Richard S. Ewell

    Photo of Richard Ewell

    This major general won the Confederacy a series of victories and ascended to corps command in the Army of Northern Virginia before his hestiation at the Battle of Gettysburg began his downfall. Read more

  • James A. Garfield

    James Garfield

    James Garfield was a Republican Party politician from Ohio who was rapidly promoted to major general in the Union army in the early months of the Civil War, and later elected President of the United States. He was the second U.S. president to be assassinated. Read more