• Photo of cannon at Antietam National Battlefield

    The Civil War


Photo of Union General Ulysses S. Grant

Military figures, of course, dominate any list of people caught up in the experience of war. A few entered the American Civil War carrying memories of earlier battles in Mexico, Canada and along the American frontier, but most had no military experience at all. No matter; success in war would not depend on pedigree.

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  • George Dixon

    George E. Dixon was the young commander of the experimental Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley which, on its only combat mission, sank the Union blockading ship USS Housatonic off Charleston, South Carolina on February 17, 1864 before disappearing with the loss of all hands. Read more

  • Grenville Dodge

    Photo of Grenville Dodge

    Grenville Dodge was a surveyor and engineer who rose to prominence in the officer corps of the U.S. Army during the American Civil War. When the war was over, he was appointed to lead the team of engineers and mechanics that designed and constructed the Union Pacific portion of the Transcontinental Railroad. Read more

  • Jubal Early

    Photo of Jubal Early

    Unfailingly loyal to the South, Jubal Early was one of the Confederacy's most accomplished soldiers, participating in more battles than any other general. Read more

  • Sarah Edmonds

    Photo of Sarah Edmonds

    Although women were barred from military service during the Civil War, Sarah Edmonds didn't let that stop her. Read more

  • Elmer Ellsworth

    Scene showing death of Elmer Ellsworth

    Although he didn't die on a battlefield, the spirit of the war's first notable casualty reflected the energy of soldiers on both sides across the nation. Read more