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    The Civil War


Photo of Union General Ulysses S. Grant

Military figures, of course, dominate any list of people caught up in the experience of war. A few entered the American Civil War carrying memories of earlier battles in Mexico, Canada and along the American frontier, but most had no military experience at all. No matter; success in war would not depend on pedigree.

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  • John C. Breckinridge

    Photo of John Breckinridge

    In 1856, John C. Breckinridge became the youngest vice president in U.S. history as the running mate of James Buchanan and four years later he lost the presidency to Abraham Lincoln. Siding with the Confederacy despite his native Kentucky remaining in the Union, Breckinridge rose to the rank of major general and became Confederate Secretary of War during the final weeks of the conflict. Read more

  • Pecos National Historical Park

    Edward R.S. Canby

    Photo of E.R.S. Canby

    A Kentucky born, career officer in the United States Army, Edward Canby would lead an exciting life that encompassed war, political intrigue, travel and, eventually, murder. Find out more about the adventurous life and startling death of one of America's most controversial military figures. Read more

  • James Carleton

    Photo of James Henry Carleton

    From the U.S. border with Canada to the U.S. border with Mexico, follow the military career of a soldier whose encounters with battle spanned several decades and several thousand miles. Read more

  • Pecos National Historical Park

    Kit Carson

    Photo of Kit Carson

    A legend in his own time, Kit Carson was a trapper, scout, Indian agent, soldier and authentic legend of the West. Found out how he came to fame and the role he played in the Civil War by reading more here! Read more

  • James Ronald Chalmers

    Photo of James Chalmers

    Enlisting in the Confederate army with no prior military experience, James Chalmers rose to the rank of brigadier general, fighting in many of the major campaigns of the Western Theater. Read more