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    The Civil War

The Military Experience

The battles and campaigns of the Civil War were waged over four years across a front spanning 2,000 miles. Leaders on both sides improvised and innovated, trying to achieve a decisive battlefield victory. New technologies forced changes in tactics that evolved warfare and transformed the experience of soldiers in the field and navies on the waters.

Despite the massive military effort and the innovations on both sides, ultimately it became clear that the Civil War would not be settled on the battlefield alone. Military victories could not resolve a conflict between two sides mobilized against one another politically, socially, philosophically, economically, and emotionally.

Stories from The Military Experience

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  • Petersburg National Battlefield

    Women at City Point

    Photo of U.S. Sanitary Commission office
 Photo of U.S. Sanitary Commission office.
 Photo of U.S. Sanitary Commission office.

    With more than 4 million men serving in the Union and Confederate armies during the course of the war, women during had opportunities to contribute to both the military and society in general in ways never before imagined. At the Union supply base at City Point, Virginia, as throughout the country, women served important roles as caregivers, laborers, hospital managers and more. Read more