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Little Rock Central High School and the National Park Service held a poetry workshop asking students to find, explore, and connect with a National Park Site they had not been to. The students then wrote and recorded a 90 second piece of spoken word personifying the park's resources.
Elizabeth Eckford waits on a bus bench with her head in her hand as segregationist protestors surround her, yelling at her, September 4, 1957.

Elizabeth Eckford waits on a bus bench as segregationist protestors surround her, September 4, 1957.


Oral History Interview Segments
Click here to view short video segments from the park's oral history collection


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U.S. Army troops roll into Little Rock at night, under a billboard reading "Who Will Build Arkansas if her own people will not?" September 1957.

Photo by Larry Obsitnik.  University of Arkansas Libraries.

Click here to view a great new website from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville's Special Collections Department. The site includes photographs and other primary sources that document the civil rights struggle in Arkansas.

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