Canal Mobile Tour

C&O Cell-based interpretation

Your phone provides a fun way to learn more about the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. You can listen to a park ranger give a short narration on various aspects of the Canal from stories about Canal life to the history of the places along the Canal. When visiting the C&O Canal you can listen to these narrations along any of the trails and at the visitor center.

Just look for the Mobile Tour signs, dial 301-501-5128, and enter the stop number. There is no additional charge to listen to these narratives. Please be aware that cell phone coverage at the C&O Canal can be spotty.

Here are some helpful instructions when you are listening to these audio tours:

Press 1 to Rewind
Press 2 to Pause/Play
Press 3 to Fast Forward
Press # to Skip
Press *0 to Leave Comments

Visit OnCell in the Android and iPhone App stores to see more content, pictures and links or access the OnCell mobile page.

You can also access the program from your own home! Find the stop numbers and themes below.

1 The voice of a Boatman

2 Mules!

3 Georgetown·

101 Alexandria Aqueduct · Aqueduct ruins

201 Incline Plane · Towpath

501 Parkway 2 (Lock 6)

701 Parkway 1 (Lock 7)

901 CCC Pivot Bridge

1201 Anglers

1202 Widewater

1203 Billy Goat Trail A

1301 Billy Goat Trail A

1302 Spong Family Tragedy

1401 Entrance Road

1402 Great Falls Tavern

1403 Great Falls Overlook

1404 Death in the Mines· Gold Mine Loop

1405 Gold!· Gold Mine Trail Entrance

1406 Rumors and Gossip· Gold Mine Loop

1407 DaVinci

1408 Mules!

1409 Lives of Children

1410 Take a Walk on the Natural Side

1411 The voice of a Boatman

1901 Lockkeepers

2201 Katie Riley Tragedy

2202 Lives of Children

4201 Floods· Monocacy Aqueduct

4801 Point of Rocks

5001 Lockkeepers

5501 Brunswick Towpath

5502 Brunswick VC

7101 Ferry Hill Tour Stop 7 Packhorse Ford

7201 Ferry Hill Stop 1 Wayside

7202 Ferry Hill Stop 2 Lawn

7203 Ferry Hill Stop 3 Front Porch

7204 Ferry Hill Stop 4 Side Porch

7205 Ferry Hill Stop 5 Trail

7206 Ferry Hill Stop 6 Lock 38

9901 Harvey Brant

9902 Cushwa Basin

9903 Conococheague Aqueduct

12301 Tonoloway Aqueduct

12401 Hancock Town

13601 Lockkeepers

15501 Paw Paw Tunnel

15502 Talk a Walk on the Natural Side

15503 Bicycle Trip Across the World

17501 Locktenders

18401 Cumberland

18402 Shantytown

18403 Through Biker Intro

18403 Shooting at Shantytown

18404 Man named Scat

18405 Mules!

18406 A Tale of 2 Generals

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