• Scenic View from Inspiration Point, Anacapa Island ©timhaufphotography.com

    Channel Islands

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  • San Miguel Island Closure

    In the interest of public safety, the U.S. Navy is closing San Miguel Island until further notice due to recent concerns of possible unexploded ordnance. More »

  • Santa Barbara Island Closed Due to Storm Damage

    Santa Barbara Island is closed to public access due to damage from the recent storms to the pier landing ladder. The closure will be in place until a new ladder can be fabricated and installed. The closure is expected to last over a month. More »

  • Public Closures on Santa Barbara Island

    Certain Santa Barbara Island trails are closed to all public entry to proctect breeding populations of California brown pelicans. More »

San Miguel Island Virtual Tour

Tim Hauf

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cuyler harbor coastline, cliffs and ocean

Kevin Moore

Cuyler Harbor
sandy beach of cuyler harbor with prince island in distance

Kevin Moore

Cuyler Harbor Beach
monument to explorer cabrillo with ocean in background

Kevin Moore

Cabrillo Monument
windbreak in campground

Kevin Moore

calcium carbonate casts of vegetation

Kevin Moore

Caliche Forest
sandy beach with seals and sea lions

Kevin Moore

Point Bennet
sandy beach with seals and sea lions

Kevin Moore

Cardwell Point
trail overlooking cardwell point with ocean and island in background

Kevin Moore

Cardwell Point Trail
ocean and cliffs at lester point

Kevin Moore

Lester Point

Did You Know?

Island fox                                                  timhaufphotography.com

Island foxes are the smallest North American canids and occur only on the Channel Islands. The average weight for an adult male is 5-6 pounds, about the size of a house cat.