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    Channel Islands

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Public Notices

Tim Hauf

The following public notices have been issued for Channel Islands National Park. For information on other regulations and public please visit Laws and Policies.


Santa Barbara Island Open to Public via Dinghy Landings
Santa Barbara Island is open to public access following interim repairs to the dock damaged from high surf associated with Hurricane Marie in August 2014.

Passenger landings at the island dock are restricted to dinghy landings only. Vessels are not allowed to pull up to the island dock until full repairs from the storm damage are completed in fall 2015.

Santa Barbara Island is the smallest and one of the least visited islands within Channel Islands National Park. It is located over 50 miles from Ventura and about 24 miles from neighboring Catalina Island.

San Miguel Island Closure
In the interest of public safety, the U.S. Navy is closing San Miguel Island until further notice due to recent concerns of possible unexploded ordnance. San Miguel Island was an active bombing range from WWII through the 1970s. San Miguel Island is owned by the U.S. Department of Defense and is managed by the National Park Service under a memorandum of agreement. View the official public notice at San Miguel Island Closure Public Notice. For more information visit News Releases.


Public Closures on Santa Rosa Island
Certain areas throughout Santa Rosa Island are closed to protect island wildlife. Visitors to the island need to be aware of these closures prior to planning their trips.

  • March 1 to September 15: Skunk Point to East Point Back Beaches and Sand Dunes Closed
    The back beaches and sand dunes between and including Skunk Point and just north of East Point are closed to hiking from March 1st to September 15th to protect the nesting area for the snowy plover, a federally listed, threatened shorebird. Please remain on the wet sand (below mean high tide) or the road throughout this area.

  • Year-round: Sandy Point Closed
    The coastline around Sandy Point is closed year-round to protect seal rookeries.

  • Backcountry Beachcamping postponed until August 15th.
    Due to the continued presence of elephant seals on the beaches at Santa Rosa Island, the opening of beach camping has been postponed until August 15.

    Over the last decade elephant seals and other marine mammal populations have dramatically increased causing the recolonizaton of historic breeding and haul-out sites by these marine mammal species. A significant portion of south facing beaches on Santa Rosa Island have been reclaimed for a large portion of the year.

    The park staff is in the process of considering measures to modify the backcounty/beach camping opportunity to reduce potential conflicts with preservation of natural resources and this visitor use.Providing these animals have for the most part cleared the beaches between South and East Point, beach camping will once again be allowed via permit.

Prevent Introduction of Non-Native Species
Public Notice April 16, 2007: Public Use Restrictions to Prevent Introduction of Non-native Species and Use of Unauthorized Motorized Vehicles and Bicycles

Affected Areas: All Park Islands

Pursuant to the Authority of the Superintendent under the Code of Federal Regulations Title 36 section 1.5 (a)(1)&(2) and section 2.1(a)(2) the following public use restrictions are imposed on the aforementioned area, to prevent introduction of non-native species and use of unauthorized motorized vehicles and bicycles.

Therefore the following types of items shall not be transported or delivered to any island within Channel Islands National Park:

  • Pets or any animal
  • Service animals, except by permit from the superintendent
  • Live or Potted Plants
  • Soil
  • Cut Flowers
  • Firewood or any untreated, unfinished wood (including hiking sticks)
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Tools or equipment with attached soil
  • Motorized vehicles
  • Bicycles

Pursuant to CFR title 36 1.5 (c) - Determination - this restriction action is necessitated for the protection of the islands unique values, ecological systems and protection of breeding populations of marine mammals, endangered species of seabirds, eagles, islands foxes and other unique and rare species of flora and fauna inhabiting the Channel Islands National Park. Less restrictive measures would have the potential for introduction of non-native species that could adversely effect many species and/or endanger the islands ecosystems. Additionally the unauthorized vehicle and bicycle use would pose significant safety risks and adversely affect visitor experience and park values.

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