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    Channel Islands

    National Park California

There are park alerts in effect.
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  • Santa Barbara Island Closed Due to Storm Damage

    Santa Barbara Island is currently closed to public access due to damage from the high surf associated with Hurricane Marie. More »

  • San Miguel Island Closure

    In the interest of public safety, the U.S. Navy is closing San Miguel Island until further notice due to recent concerns of possible unexploded ordnance. More »

Doing Business With The Park

Tim Hauf

This page is designed primarily for people interested in, or currently conducting business in the park. If you are interested in visiting the park, please go to Planning Your Visit.

Welcome to Channel Islands National Park's commercial visitor services information page. If you are interested in conducting business activities within the park, such as providing commercial visitor services, commercial filming and photography, non-profit organization activities, or holding a special event, you must first apply for and obtain a Commercial Use Authorization, Filming Permit, or Special Use Permit.

Approximately, 15 companies provide a wide variety of commercial visitor services in Channel Islands National Park. Services are limited to those companies having specific authorization, usually in the form of a Concession Contract or Commercial Use Authorization (CUA). Non-profit organizations are required to obtain a Special Use Permit for their activities.

Please visit the links to the left for an overiew of each type of commercial visitor service offered in the park for the specific type of business you are interested in, or currently conducting.

Did You Know?

Aerial view of the Channel Islands                  timhaufphotography.com

The Channel Islands are home to the oldest dated human remains in North America—Arlington Springs Man (13,000 BP).