• Scenic View from Inspiration Point, Anacapa Island ©timhaufphotography.com

    Channel Islands

    National Park California

Orange-crowned Warbler

Brad Sillasen

Scientific Name
Oreothlypis celata sordida

This endemic subspecies of orange-crowned warbler is a small, comparatively drab warbler of shrubs and low vegetation that is found on all of the Channel Islands. It is different than other orange-crowned warbler subspecies owing to its shorter tail, longer broader bill, and darker plumage.

Quick and Cool Facts

  • The orange-crowned warbler is divided into four subspecies that differ in plumage color, size, and molt patterns. The Channel Islands subspecies is the darkest green and is found only on the Channel Islands and locally along the coast of southern California and northern Baja California.
  • Observant birders discover this cryptic warbler breeding in oak woodlands and giant coreopsis thickets across the islands, sometimes in astonishingly high densities.
  • Typically, the orange-crowned Warbler is a ground nester, but