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Channel Islands Live Hike: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island
Micheal Ward

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Students discover Anacapa Island through an interactive, live visit with a park ranger and learn about the Channel Islands' tie to the book Island of the Blue Dolphins. They identify basic human needs and find out how these needs are met by people living on islands with fewer and less diversity of resources.

Broadcast length: 30 minutes

Grade level: Fourth to sixth

Objectives addressed:

  • Identify the goods and ecosystem services that were essential to the lives, economies, and cultures of American Indians on the Channel Islands.
  • Explain how the Channel Islands supplied American Indians with different natural resources, goods, and ecosystem services and resulted in different land use patterns and economic activities.
  • Identify that island American Indians developed different methods to extract, harvest, transport, and consume natural resources than their mainland counterparts.

Essential question:

  • What basic needs are common to all livingthings?

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If a live program is not available, archived programs can be used with program lesson plans. Other curriculum materials can also help educators explore the park with their students and meet their curriculum needs.

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American Indian History and Culture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Geography
National/State Standards:
California/History–Social Science—Grade 4:4.2.1
American Indian, Native American, Gabrielino/Tongva, archeologist, artifacts, adapt, natural resources, island, islands, ocean, oceans
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