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Channel Islands Live Dive: Fourth Grade

Park rangers diving in kelp forest.

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Students explore the kelp forest with a park ranger-diver through an interactive distance learning program. As kelp forest inhabitants are encountered, fourth grade students identify their roles as producers or consumers. Food chains are constructed. What if one organism in a food chain disappears? What if some condition in the kelp forest changes?

Broadcast length: 30 minutes

Grade level: Fourth

Objectives addressed:

  • Classify organisms from a marine ecosystem as producers and consumers and explain their roles in that system.
  • Explain potential consequences when a component of an ecosystem is changed or eliminated.
  • Describe factors that can adversely affect the health of an ecosystem.

Essential questions:

  • How does change in an ecosystem affect the entire ecosystem?
  • What affect do humans have on ecosystems?

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How to Participate

To schedule a Channel Islands Live distance learning program:

  1. Download and submit the Program Reservation Form at least 30 days in advance. A confirmation will be sent by email. (Save the PDF fillable form to your computer, add your information in the required fields, save it again, and then attach it to an email or fax it. The email address and fax number are listed on the form.)

  2. Follow one of these set-up instructions and run required tests:
    Preparing for a Channel Islands Live Broadcast Using Movi Software
    Preparing for a Channel Islands Live Broadcast Using Video Conferencing Equipment

  3. Provide this document to your IT support, if needed:
    Distance Learning Network and Equipment Requirements.

  4. On the day of broadcast, follow one of these instructions:
    Channel Islands Live Day of Broadcast Instructions Using Movi Software
    Channel Islands Live Day of Broadcast Instructions Using Video Conferencing Equipment

Spaces are limited and request forms are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Education programs are offered Wednesdays from September to mid-June between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Be sure to keep any time differences in mind when requesting programs.

If a live program is not available, archived programs can be used with program lesson plans. Other curriculum materials can also help educators explore the park with their students and meet their curriculum needs.

For additional information contact: Education Coordinator or call 805-658-5735.


Biology: Animals, Biology: Plants, Conservation, Ecology, Environmental Law, Marine Biology, Oceanography, Oceans
National/State Standards:
NS K–4, C/Life Sciences: Organisms and environments; F/Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Changes in environments
kelp forest, ocean, food chain, food web, producers, consumers, decomposer, Kelp Forest Monitoring, marine biology, oceans, islands, island
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