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  • Little Niagara Swimming Area Closed

    Due to low water flow in Travertine Creek, the Little Niagara and Panther Falls swimming areas are closed until further notice. The Little Niagara and Panther Falls picnic areas remain open.

Current Park and Lake Status

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Superintendent Bruce Noble speaking at Chickasaw Quarter Release Ceremony, Wednesday, November 16, 2011.
NPS/Douglas Lowthian
Below are updates on seasonal conditions or closures that are helpful to know before your visit.

Little Niagara and Panther Falls swimming areas closed

Due to low water levels in Travertine Creek, Little Niagara and Panther Falls swimming areas are closed to swimming. The picnic areas of Little Niagara, Travertine Island and Panther Falls remain open. All other swimming areas on Travertine Creek are open.

Lake of the Arbuckles

Lake of the Arbuckles pool level is at 865.89 feet which is 6 feet below normal pool level.

Eagle Bay Boat Ramp Closed
Insufficient lake water level surrounding the Eagle Bay boat launch on Lake of the Arbuckles, has necessitated closing this boat launch area at Chickasaw National Recreation Area until further notice. The Eagle Bay area will open on May 23, 2014, however the lake remains to low for boats to use the ramp and dock area.


Platt Historic District Alcohol Closure
Cold Springs Campground and the swimming and picnic areas east of U.S. 177 and along Travertine Creek is closed to Open Container of Alcohol by the authority of the Superintendent's Compendium (36 CFR §1.5). This closure is in effect from May 1 through September 31 each year.

Did You Know?

NPS director Russell Dickenson

Russell E. Dickenson, eleventh Director of the National Park Service (May, 1980-March, 1985) served as Chief Ranger at Platt National Park [the present-day Platt Historic District in Chickasaw National Recreation Area] from 1953 to 1955. More...