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  • Swimming Areas Closed

    Due to low water flow in Travertine Creek, the Little Niagara, Panther Falls, and Bear Falls swimming areas are closed until further notice. The Little Niagara and Panther Falls picnic areas remain open.

  • Eagle Bay Boat Launch Closed

    Due to low water in Lake of the Arbuckles, Eagle Bay Boat Launch is closed.

Fishing Regulations

Fishing within the Chickasaw National Recreation Area is regulated by the State of Oklahoma. All persons must have an appropriate Oklahoma fishing license. Fishing licenses are NOT available on-site.

Refer to the current Oklahoma Fishing Regulations pamphlet for license requirements. These pamphlets are available from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, State Game Rangers, Chickasaw NRA Ranger Stations, and license sales outlets.

Length Limit Regulations
All black bass (large-mouth, spotted, and small-mouth) between thirteen (13) and sixteen (16) inches in total length must be returned to the water unharmed immediately after being taken from the Lake of the Arbuckles.

Restricted Areas
Fishing is allowed in Rock Creek, Lake of the Arbuckles, and Veterans Lake. NO FISHING is allowed in Travertine Creek or within the Flower Park Area in the Travertine District.

Turtle Regulations
Shooting of turtles on federal reservoirs is prohibited and in accordance with federal regulations on firearm usage.

NO shooting of turtles is allowed within Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

Special Regulations
Trotlines or juglines may NOT be used at Veterans Lake. Their use at the Lake of the Arbuckles must be in accordance with Oklahoma Fishing Regulations.

The use of bows and arrows or spearguns is NOT ALLOWED in the Platt District.

Travertine Creek and Flower Park ponds and streams are closed to all non-commercial netting and seining for any fish. Seining or dip netting bait for personal use is permitted in Rock Creek, Lake of the Arbuckles, and Veterans Lake.

Diving and swimming from boat courtesy docks is NOT PERMITTED. Veterans Lake has a no-wake speed limit and water skiing is not permitted.

Oklahoma State and Federal Boating Regulations must be followed at Lake of the Arbuckles and Veterans Lake.

Disposition of Fish and Remains
Disposition of fish remains or dead fish on land or in waters within 200 feet of boat docks or designated swimming beaches or within developed areas is prohibited.

Did You Know?

Detail of Frisco railroad advertisement for Platt National Park

Like the more famous national parks in the western United States, visitors came to Platt National Park via the railroad at the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Both the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad, (more commonly known as the Frisco), and the Santa Fe Railroad had spur lines to Sulphur. More...