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  • Fox Found at Chickasaw National Recreation Area Tested Positive for Rabies

    During the week of June 10, park rangers at Chickasaw National Recreation Area caught and euthanized a sick fox that subsequently tested for disease, and found to be infected with the rabies. More »

Comprehensive Interpretive Plan


The Comprehensive Interpretive Plan (CIP) outlines the park's approach to interpreting natural and cultural resources and provides guidance to park staff as they share those resources with park visitors. The CIP is necessary to ensure long-term protection of resources through visitor understanding and enjoyment. The CIP will guide interpretation for the next 5-10 years.

The Comprehensive Interpretive Plan forms the overall vision and basis for decision making relating to interpretation in a park. It provides both a long-range and short range view, including all media and personal services. The Comprehensive Interpretive
Plan is not an accumulation of information, but a solid blueprint for the park's interpretive future. The three principle sections of the Comprehensive Interpretive Plan are the Long-Range Interpretive Plan, the Annual Implementation Plan, and the Interpretive Database.

These three sections of the CIP are covered in:

CIP Section I: Long-Range Interpretive Plan (LRIP)
This section describes the foundational information that will guide the development of the desired future interpretive program. The long-range vision of the intepretive program and the actions needed to achieve it complete this section.

CIP Section II: Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)
This section is a one-year operating plan for the interpretive program. It is a working blueprint describing what interpretive services are offered to the public this year. It
also includes budget and staffing information, actions and challenges, and a comparison of last year's program with this year's program.

CIP Section III: Interpretive Database (ID)
This section contains references to materials that support the interpretive program (such as the park reading list, funding proposals, various reports, etc.).

Did You Know?

Swiming at the Buckhorn area

Locally known as 'Arbuckle Lake,' the proper name for the reservoir is "Lake of the Arbuckles." The lake is the focal point of the Arbuckle District in Chickasaw National Recreation Area. More...