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  • Little Niagara Swimming Area Closed

    Due to low water flow in Travertine Creek, the Little Niagara and Panther Falls swimming areas are closed until further notice. The Little Niagara and Panther Falls picnic areas remain open.

The End and a New Beginning: 1966-1976

park entrance signs
Out with the old and in with the new: South Entrance, mid-1960s; North Entrance, late-1970s.
NPS/Chickasaw National Recreation Area

The completion of the Arbuckle Dam and the filling of the Lake of the Arbuckles in 1966 added an entirely new dimension to the Platt experience. For ten years the two adjacent locations existed as separate parks operated by the staff of Platt National Park.

Platt National Park benefited from Mission 66, a ten-year program to improve national parks across America. Additional facilities, including the Travertine Nature Center were constructed at this time.

And the future of the park was under great debate. At the request of the Chickasaw Nation, the park was renamed to honor the contribution of the tribe in establishing the park. In 1976 the Arbuckle Recreation Area and Platt National Park were combined to create the modern park visitors experience today: Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

Did You Know?

Car on the tour road, 1920s

Originally established in 1902 as the Sulphur Springs Reservation, Chickasaw National Recreation Area is one of the oldest national park areas in the United States and is older than the state of Oklahoma. More...