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  • Fox Found at Chickasaw National Recreation Area Tested Positive for Rabies

    During the week of June 10, park rangers at Chickasaw National Recreation Area caught and euthanized a sick fox that subsequently tested for disease, and found to be infected with the rabies. More »

Learning More about Platt National Park

A close reading of books covering the history of the National Park System will uncover the conspicuous absence of Platt National Park. Often overlooked, the history and legacy of Platt National Park provide powerful lessons regarding the evolution of the American system of National Parks.

On this page are resources that fill in the fascinating story of Platt National Park.

document cover

Document cover

A History of Platt National Park (4.82MB pdf file)
Written by park superintendent Perry Brown in 1954, and slightly revised two years later for the park's fiftieth anniversary, this document provides a look at how the park's story was being told at a time when the founding generation of the park was passing and visitor use was undergoing dramatic shifts.

Document cover

Document cover

Know Your Service: "Platt National Park" (115KB PDF file)
Part of a series of informational circulars intended to inform National Park Service employees of agency history and activities, this file includes the cover letter and a one page summary covering Platt National Park. This document includes an "Indian legend" about the park that is generally considered to be false.

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Did You Know?

Park Ranger on horseback, 1910

In 1904 Forest Townsley was appointed the first park ranger in Platt National Park [the Platt Historic District in today's Chickasaw National Recreation Area]. Townsley's son John later served as Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park from 1975 to 1982. More...