• Paddle boats in the tidal basin lined with cherry trees

    Cherry Blossom Festival

    District of Columbia

Partners and Volunteers

roots of a cherry tree covered by fallen pink petals
Cherry Blossom petals come to rest below a cherry tree.

The constant support of our partners and volunteers keep the Cherry Blossom Festival and Cherry Blossom Trees vibrant and healthy every year.

National Cherry Blossom Festival Logo - two cherry blossoms and text
National Cherry Blossom Festival
The National Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the beauty of nature and international friendship through year-round programs, events, and educational initiatives that enhance our environment, showcase arts and culture, and build community spirit. As the National Park Service's official partner for the Cherry Blossom Festival, National Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc. brings the spirit of the Cherry Trees to life with fitness programs, concerts, the Cherry Blossom Parade, Kite Festival, Fireworks display and more!
trust for the national mall in black letters with white snowflakes overhead
Trust for the National Mall
The Trust for the National Mall is the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service dedicated to improving, preserving, and restoring the National Mall. In 2003, the National Park Service established the National Mall and Memorial Parks Cherry Tree Maintenance Endowment Fund. The purpose of the fund is to provide reliable, significant monies on an annual basis, in perpetuity, for the replacement and maintenance of the cherry trees. The Trust for the National Mall manages the fund for the National Park Service.

Guest Services Inc lettering in green with pineapple
Guest Services
Guest Services provides quality food concessions at various locations across the National Mall and operates the Tidal Basin Paddle Boats. Established in 1917, Guest Services is a private, U.S.-based company originally founded to provide dining services to government agencies in Washington, D.C.
Eastern National Bookstores
Eastern National
Eastern National operates stores throughout the National Mall and other national parks across the Nation. The items sold in National Mall stores increase understanding and knowledge of National Mall sites and a portion of the proceeds from these stores go to support Interpretation and Education on the National Mall.

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