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Getting Around

Photo of the canyon loop drive through Chaco Canyon

Canyon Loop Drive

A 9-mile long paved loop drive provides driving access to five Chacoan sites in the heart of Chaco Canyon, including Pueblo Bonito, Chetro Ketl, and Casa Rinconada. Parking areas for vehicles and bicycles are located at each site, and trail guides are available. Most self-guided walking trails are about 1/4 mile roundtrip and take 45 minutes to one hour to complete. Pets are not permitted on these trails.

Biking the 9-mile paved loop is a great way to see the sites and experience the canyon. The Wijiji, Casa Chiquita, and Kin Klizhin trails may also be biked. Inquire at the visitor center for a free permit and directions.

Four moderately strenuous hiking trails provide access to more remote sites, petroglyphs, and mesa tops with panoramic vistas. All hikers must obtain a free hiking permit at the visitor center or at the trailheads. Pets are permitted on these trails when leashed.

All trails close at sunset.

Photo of Una Vida taken from the canyon loop drive
Una Vida from Canyon Loop Drive

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