Event Details

  • 04/24/2014

    Location: Chaco Culture National Historical park Time: 10:00 AM Fee Information: Free

10:00 am (1.5 hours) Guided walk through Chetro Ketl 

11:00 am (1 hour) "Astronomy & the Solar System"  David Frizzell 

2:00 pm International Dark Sky Park Dedication 

3:00 pm Book signing by Dr. Tyler Nordgren  

3:30 pm (1 hour)  "Astronomy and the Deep Sky" David Frizzell 

5:00 pm (1.5 hours) Guided walk through Pueblo Bonito  

8:00 pm (1 hour) "Stars Above, Earth Below, Astronomy in the National Parks"  Dr. Tyler Nordgren 

9:00 pm – Star Party Constellation tour followed by telescope viewing


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