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  • Kin Bineola and Kin Ya' a Great Houses CLOSED

    There is no public access.

  • Reservations required to attend equinox sunrise program

    To attend the equinox sunrise program on Monday, September 22 call the visitor center at 505-786-7014. Program will be limited to 100 participants.

"Reflections" A Modern Look at Chacoan Communications

Photo of reflections experiment at Tsin Kletsin

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News Release Date: May 25, 2007
Contact: Russ Bodnar, (505) 786-7014 ext. 240

Special Program:


A Modern Look at Chacoan Communications

A thousand years ago, the Chacoan people communicated throughout their world using nighttime fires, and possibly reflective mirrors in the daytime. Signaling areas have been located on mesa tops, mountains, and Chacoan buildings throughout the Four Corners region. On May 29, 2007, park staff will participate in a region-wide demonstration, and attempt to communicate by mirrors with others located at Pierre’s Site, Huerfano Mesa, Mesa Verde, and Chimney Rock Pueblo and other Chacoan sites.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

10:00am at Peñasco Blanco, Pueblo Alto & Tsin Kletzin

Visitors wishing to see this demonstration should hike to one of these sites:

  • Peñasco Blanco (on the Peñasco Blanco Trail) or
  • Pueblo Alto (on the Pueblo Alto Trail) or
  • Tsin Kletzin (on the South Mesa Trail)
  • Please arrive before 10am. 

Park staff will attempt to communicate throughout the region (weather permitting) at 10am. Be sure to fill out a permit for the trail you choose to hike. Bring binoculars.

Did You Know?

Photo of Chaco Wash

The climate of Chaco Canyon 1,000 years ago was very similar to the climate in the park today, with annual precipitation of only eight to nine inches. The Puebloans constructed water control features like dams, canals, and headgates for farming in such a dry environment.