• Overlooking Chetro Ketl

    Chaco Culture

    National Historical Park New Mexico

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  • Kin Bineola and Kin Ya' a Great Houses CLOSED

    There is no public access.

Class Orientation

Hungo Pavi with ancient stairway in the backround

Hungo Pavi with ancient staircase in background

Park resources are extremely fragile. The following PowerPoint will help your class understand how to protect these resources during your visit. Please show "Preparing for a Visit to Chaco" to your group or class. A script for each slide has been provided in the notes section of the slides.

Did You Know?

photo of cylinder jars from Chaco

Archeologist Patricia Crown discovered evidence of cacao in a cylinder jar from Chaco! This may be the earliest importation and use of cocoa north of where it is grown. Cacao is now processed into chocolate, but the Mayans and (later) the Chacoans may have consumed a bitter beverage. More...