Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tidal Basin Welcome Area?

The Tidal Basin Welcome Area is a central focus of information, services, and activities pertinent to the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The Welcome Area is located along Maine Avenue on the northeast side of the Tidal Basin. From Smithsonian Metro, walk west along Independence Ave. and turn left at the third traffic light. See.Maps and Brochures.

Where can I park my car?

Cherry Blossom Festival makes for severely congested roads and auto parking. Using public transportation is advised. For more information, visit the Plan Your Visit section.

What is the weather like during the Cherry Blossom Festival?

Washington, DC weather can be quite fickle any time of the year and springtime is no exception. The weather can be as warm as 75 degrees Fahrenheit or below freezing. Days may be sunny and bright or filled with drenching rains. During the springtime, days tend to be windy and thus wind chills can make a cool temperature seem downright cold. Please check the weather reports the night before your visit to ensure that you remain comfortable on your trip to the Mall.

Where and when do the Lantern Walks start?

Lantern Walks begin at the NPS Information Tent in the Tidal Basin Welcome Area. Please see the Programs page for specific information.

When do the trees bloom?

The flowering cherry trees usually bloom in late March or early April, but the exact date is difficult to forecast. The weather in the weeks leading up to the bloom influences the development of the flowers. Cold weather will delay the arrival of the flowers, while a warm spell may speed their development. Weather also influences the duration of the bloom. To track the progress of the blossoms, view the Bloom Schedule.

Can I pick blossoms?

No, it's against the law. Please enjoy the blossoms on the tree, and leave them for others to enjoy. By doing so, you'll help protect the trees from damage and disease.

Can I climb trees?

No. Climbing trees is prohibited by park regulation. Trees are often damaged by people climbing or hanging from branches.

I am interested in a special event but I don't see it listed on this website.

The event may be hosted by one of our.Partners

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