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    Chattahoochee River

    National Recreation Area Georgia

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Eastern Spadefoot

Scaphiopus holbrookii

Eastern Spadefoot

NPS Photo

Family: Scaphiopodidae

Scaphiopus holbrookii

Eastern Spadefoot

Size: 4.4 to 8.3 cm long (1 ¾" to 3 ¼")

General Description: Skin relatively smooth and olive to brown to almost black in color, often with 2 light yellowish colored lines down back that start at each eye. Together the lines may form a lyre or misshapen hourglass shape. May be an additional light line on each side of the body. Belly white to grayish. Sickle-shaped spade on each hind foot. Tympanum apparent. Pupils of eyes vertical. No parotoid gland on head. This is the only spadefoot to occur east of the Mississippi River.

Reproduction: Breeds after rains fill temporary pools March to September.

Habitat: Uses loose sandy or gravelly soils in forested, brushy or cultivated areas. Lives in shallow burrows.

Behavior: Nocturnal.

Voice: Calls are short, low-pitched explosive grunts that are repeated at brief intervals.

Did You Know?

Jones Bridge ruins - Photo by Matt Harr

Jones Bridge spanned the Chattahoochee River from 1904-1922, falling into disrepair in the 1930s. Half of the bridge was "stolen" in 1940, neighbors didn't know the workers cutting the bridge were not authorized to do so until it was too late.