• Sit for a spell under a cottonwood tree and view the Franklin Mountains, seemingly nestled between the U.S. and Mexico flags in front of the visitor center. The two flags reflect our heritage; this land once belonging to Mexico and now to the U.S.


    National Memorial Texas


Chamizal Theater
The theater at Chamizal National Memorial is usually booked up to one year in advance. Booking requests are reviewed twice a year.

  • Forms available April 1st are for January through June of the following calendar year. These forms must be returned by May 15. Confirmations are mailed in late August and early September.
  • Forms available November 1st are for July through December of the following year. These forms must be returned by December 15. Confirmations are mailed in late February and early March.
  • For example: Ballet performance scheduled for June 2013. Forms would be available April 1, 2012 and must be returned by May 15, 2012. You would receive a confirmation in August or September of 2012.

All forms must be returned by mail and include a non-refundable $50.00 processing fee and a completed cultural justification questionnaire (included in the booking packet) explaining how the proposed event corresponds to the Memorial's mission.
Note: the cultural justification questionnaire is required for theater applicants.

Upon selection, an additional $50.00 will be charged for the Special Use Permit. Any overtime charges or damage will be billed to the permit holder under the Cost Recovery Program. Booking packets and forms may be obtained here.

Teatro en el Chamizal
Se aceptan los pedidos para reservar el lugar durante todo el año, con especial énfasis en los dos siguientes períodos de reservaciones.

1 de abril - Se aceptan solicitudes para el período de enero a junio del siguiente año civil. Para una primera consideración, los formularios deben devolverse antes del 15 de mayo. La selección y las confirmaciones se terminan de hacer para septiembre.

1 de noviembre - Se aceptan solicitudes para el período de julio a diciembre del siguiente año civil. Para una primera consideración, los formularios deben devolverse antes del 15 de diciembre. La selección y las confirmaciones se terminan de hacer para marzo.

Todos los formularios deben devolverse con el pago de una tarifa administrativa de $50.00, no reembolsable y una justificación que explique cómo el evento propuesto apoya la misión del monumento. El monumento ofrece talleres gratuitos de ayuda a potenciales usuarios del teatro para la redacción y el envío de las solicitudes. Los solicitantes deben enviar un formulario y pagar una tarifa administrativa por cada evento independiente para el que deseen hacer reservaciones.

Despues de ser seleccionado $50.00 seran cobrados por el Permiso de Uso Especial. Cualquier cobro por el tempo extra ó daños seran cobrados al dueño de el permiso bajo el cargo de el Programa de Recuperacion. Las carpetas de reservacion y las formas pueden ser obtenidas aqui.


Picnic or Grounds
(for groups of 50 or more) Dia de Campo y Terrenos (para grupos de 50 ó mas)
Fees: $50.00

Details: Visitors picnic and play on the grounds. Groups of 50 or more must obtain a special use permit at least two weeks in advance of their requested date. Cost: $50.00 application fee. Education Fee Waivers are available; please contact the Memorial for more information. Download the permit application here.

Visitantes de dia de campo y terrenos de juego. Grupos de 50 ó mas tendran que obtener el Permiso de Uso Especial al menos con dos semanas de anticipacion a la fecha requerida. Costo $50.00 de cobro por aplicacion. La suspension de cobro por educacion es disponible. Por favor comuniquese a el Memorial para mas informacion.Baje la aplicacion de permiso aqui.


Commercial Filming and Photography

Fees: $50.00
For any Commercial Filming and/or Still Photography, a permit is required. Download the application here.



Food and Alcohol Vendor Applications

A Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) is required to provide food and beverage services at Chamizal National Memorial. A non-refundable application processing fee of $50 (check or money order) must accompany each application. Upon selection, there is an additional permit monitoring fee of $250 that will be due. Commercial Use Authorization request packages are available now and must be returned no later than January 7, 2014.

Completed applications can either be mailed or hand-delivered, but must be received by close of business on January 7, 2014. Please note that the Memorial is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Days.

Food Vendor Application

Alcohol Vendor Application

Did You Know?

Rio Grande cemented riverbed - view from Juarez

4.1 miles of the riverbed between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez were cemented as part of the Chamizal Convention of 1963. Before the treaty, torrential spring rainfall would cause the Rio Grande to turn into a wild and unforgiving river, causing loss of life and property. More...