Traveling Trunks

Explore Chamizal National Memorial in a brand new way!

kids in spanish garden

Students complete worksheets in the park's Spanish Garden.


Each outreach trunk is designed to accommodate a classroom of up to thirty 3rd to 5th grade students. Reservations are free and required to accommodate high demand. Call (915) 532-7273 for more information.


Celebrating Diplomacy combines TEKS from social studies, language arts, fine arts and math through a series of fun lessons that explore our bicultural community of the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez region.

Activities range from reading a recipe and making guacamole, designing papel picado, to writing comparison sheets on books included in the trunk, and singing folk songs.

This trunk can be checked out for use on your campus for up to three weeks.


Every Student is a Scientist combines science and math TEKS through a series of activities that are designed to be completed at the Chamizal. The trunk contains just about everything you would need to gather and analyze field data:compass, digital sound recorders, thermometers, stop watches, clipboards, etc.

This trunk is only available for use at Chamizal National Memorial. Call the park’s Education Department at (915) 532-7273 x112 to receive a copy of the suggested curriculum for this trunk.

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