Teaching Siglo de Oro

Presenting lesson plans about the Spanish Golden Age of literature opens up a world of comedy, romance, and heartbreak - themes that are still very much relevant for modern audiences.

Siglo Education Outreach 336

Student and professional performers from BYU present a scene from a classic Spanish drama for local students.


The lesson plans linked below were developed for middle and high school classrooms by students and professors of Spain's classic literature from Brigham Young University. The availability of these lessons were funded in part by the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Making Siglo Relevant - Teacher Tip's 3 MB

Historical & Cultural Connections:
A Look at the Major Types of Siglo Era Plays 1.14 MB

Corral de Comedias: A Look at Spanish Public Playhouses 515 KB

Costuming in the Classroom 499 KB

Understanding Golden Age Asides 105 KB
From Page to Stage: Thinking Like a Director

Teaching Spanish Grammar:
Forms in Poetry: Romances, Redondillas and Quintillas
(Spanish & English)

Teaching Rhyme Schemes in Spanish Poetry 122 KB
(Spanish & English)

Using the Comedia to Teach Spanish Grammar 86 KB
(Spanish & English)

Using the Subjunctive in the Spanish Comedia 158 KB
(Spanish & English)

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