Elementary Guest Speakers

A teacher-ranger-teacher stands in a school hallway about to enter an elementary classroom.

Chamizal Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Ginger Simons prepares to enter a 2nd grade classroom.

Books & Rangers
This program delivers literature into classrooms that focuses on a different cultural group represented in our community.
Pre-K & K: Language Arts & Social Studies

Chami the Ground Squirrel Storytime
Chami presents a story about desert wildlife that teaches kids about the satisfaction of admiring nature from a distance.
Pre-K through 1st: Language Arts & Social Studies

Chamizal & Friendship

Consider what it means to be a friend through the Chamizal story and a theater arts exercise.
K & 1st: Social Studies & Theater Arts

My Community
Locate Chamizal on a map and then trace a route to get from your school to the park. Introduces and reinforces concepts associated with reading and mapmaking.
2nd: Social Studies

A Lesson on Cooperation

Explore the characteristics of a cooperative person by using puzzle pieces and musical sounds.
1st & 2nd: Social Studies, Health & Music

Pop-Up Book Program
Students construct a foldable book with worksheets that guide them on a path to discover what the park is about and what recreational resources are available.
3rd through 5th: Math, Social Studies & Language Arts

Science Fair Judges
Students love explaining their experiments to uniformed park rangers! Please request rangers at least 2 weeks prior to your science fair.
Pre K through 5th: Science

Urban Adaptations
Students explore how barrel cactus and spotted ground squirrels (species represented at Chamizal) have adapted to living in a desert environment.
3rd through 5th : Science

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