• Sit for a spell under a cottonwood tree and view the Franklin Mountains, seemingly nestled between the U.S. and Mexico flags in front of the visitor center. The two flags reflect our heritage; this land once belonging to Mexico and now to the U.S.


    National Memorial Texas

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  • Alcohol Ban for Visitor Safety

    From June 1 through August 31, the consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages without a permit is prohibited. During Music Under the Stars concerts, alcohol may be purchased within the memorial boundary. More »

  • Construction Activity Near E Paisano Drive and S San Marcial Street

    If entering the park from E Paisano Drive and S Marcial Street please be extra cautious. Pay close attention to the temporary road signs during the ongoing construction activity there.

Education Theater Programs

Ranger Mike

Ranger Mike is one of the marionettes that tells the story of the Chamizal border dispute and how the U.S. and Mexico used diplomacy and friendship for a peaceful resolution.


Ask the River recounts the story of the Chamizal dispute using marionettes!

With the help of four memorable characters, the program is designed to familiarize Pre-K through 2nd grade students with the Chamizal story. This interactive puppet program is approximately 40 minutes in length and includes a question and answer session with the puppets at the end of each performance. Ask the River was developed by La Compañia Teatral de Marionetas Shuto and Memorial staff.

E-mail us for scheduling information.

Attending one of the performance reinforces the following TEKS.

Language/Speaking/Purposes: respond appropriately and courteously to directions and questions (K-3).
Language/Speaking/Culture: connect his/her own experiences with the life experiences, language, customs and culture of others(K-3).
Language/Speaking/Audiences/Oral Grammar: ask and answer relevant questions and make contributions in small or large groups (K-3).
Reading/Culture: connect his/her own experiences with the life experiences, language, customs and culture of others (K-3).

Social Studies
History: distinguish among past, present, and future (1st); use vocabulary related to chronology (2nd); explain how local people and events have influenced local community history (2nd)
Geography: use terms to describe relative location (K); identify the physical characteristics of places such as landforms, bodies of water, natural resources, and weather (K-1).
Government: identify some governmental services in the community and explain their value to the community (2nd).

Response/Evaluation: begin to identify and apply appropriate audience behavior (K-2); respond to dramatic and begin to evaluate activities (K-2); demonstrate awareness of the use of music, creative movement, and visual components (K); observe the performance of artists and identify theatrical vocations (K-2).

Did You Know?

Boundary Markers

The land that Chamizal sits on belonged to Mexico until the 1960s. You can walk along the historic US-Mexico border when you visit the memorial. More...