• Sit for a spell under a cottonwood tree and view the Franklin Mountains, seemingly nestled between the U.S. and Mexico flags in front of the visitor center. The two flags reflect our heritage; this land once belonging to Mexico and now to the U.S.


    National Memorial Texas

For Teachers

The education staff at Chamizal National Memorial welcomes you and your students to explore the park learning about local history, delving into the importance of the memorial on the international stage, participating in different cultural arts forms, and reconnecting with nature through curriculum driven experiences.

In this For Teachers section, you'll find all you need to plan a successful field trip to the park, download lesson plans, register for education theater events, and schedule a guest speaker to meet with your students. You'll also find links to checking out virtual field trips through the entire national park system.

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Spotted ground squirrels peek out of their burrow on the Chamizal park grounds.

We encourage you to visit the History & Culture page. There you will find bulletins that discuss the Memorial's history.

Did You Know?

Broadtailed Hummingbird

Depending on the time of year you visit Chamizal National Memorial, you may see up to four different species of hummingbirds. These include the Broadtailed (pictured), Rufous, Black-Chinned, and Anna’s hummingbirds. More...