Plan Your Visit

Cedar Breaks is a great destination for the whole family, but planning is the key to getting the most out of your visit. The links below will help you plan a fun and exciting visit.


Directions: Whether you're coming from north or south, you'll find reliable routes here.


Operating Hours & Seasons: The main road through Cedar Breaks is closed for several months of the year. Click here to find out the best time to plan your visit to Cedar Breaks.


Fees & Reservations: Click here to learn about Cedar Breaks' entrance fees and camping.


Things To Do: There's always a lot happening at Cedar Breaks. Whether you enjoy hiking, photography, or wildflowers you'll find something here for you.


Things To Know Before You Come: Severe weather conditions are common at Cedar Breaks, even during summer. Jackets, sunscreen, and sunglasses are always recommended. Click here to learn more.


Brochures: Our brochures contain a wealth of information about Cedar Breaks' resources. If you have in-depth questions, you'll probably find the asnwers here.

Did You Know?