• Capulin Volcano National Monument by J. Unruh

    Capulin Volcano

    National Monument New Mexico


National Park areas contain much of our national heritage. Caring for this natural and cultural heritage requires thorough and thoughtful planning to pass these irreplaceable resources on to future generations while providing for the best possible visitor experience today.
color photograph of park service staff examining eroding gully by volcano road
The road to the top of the volcano cuts through a mountain built of loose debris from the eruption. Erosion from this roadcut must be monitored regularly and requires constant maintenance and management.
NPS photo

Did You Know?

color photograph of tumuli or squeezeup

Tumuli or squeezeups usually develop when lava flows on level ground. A mound of lava is pushed up from the flow when the crust buckles, with additional pressure from the liquid lava of the flow.