• Photo of the steep natural entrance of Carlsbad Caverns

    Carlsbad Caverns

    National Park New Mexico

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  • Scenic Loop Road Closed

    The 9-mile scenic Loop Road (Desert Drive) is closed due to flood damage. The road will reopen as soon as repairs are done. This scenic road does not affect access to the visitor center or the cave.

  • All Camping & Backcountry Caving Suspended Until Further Notice

    All camping and backcountry/recreational caving in the park has been suspended until further notice due to flood damage on backcountry roads and trails.


Monetary Donations

Monetary donations are graciously accepted and directly benefit the park. These funds are used for interpretation, visitor services and safety, as well as resource management programs. If desired, those making a donation may specify a use for their money. For example, if you or someone you know has been involved in a search and rescue (SAR), donations may be made to directly support the park's emergency services program. No administrative cost is deducted from a gift made directly to the National Park Service. Your check will be deposited in a government account and the full amount will be spent as you intended. Donations may be made by check or money order made payable to "National Park Service." Send to:

Carslbad Caverns National Park
3225 National Parks Highway
Carlsbad, NM 88220

If you are making a donation in someone's honor, please include the name and address of that person and they will receive acknowledgement.


Visitors to the park may give monetary donations in cash or check through our donation box. Unlike entrance fees, 100% of donated funds stay in this park. A donation box is located inside the visitor center.


Donations to the Museum Collection

Historic objects, manuscripts, diaries, books and other related items that have a direct relationship with Carlsbad Caverns National Park may be donated to the park's museum collection, where they are preserved for future generations to enjoy and learn. Email Park Museum Curator David Kayser at: david_kayser@nps.gov to discuss anything you are considering donating to the park's collection.

Did You Know?

The Hall of Giants in Carlsbad Cavern.

The 120 caves of Carlsbad Caverns National Park were carved out not by running water and streams like many limestone caves in the world, rather these caves were dissolved by very aggressive sulfuric acid.