• Photo of the steep natural entrance of Carlsbad Caverns

    Carlsbad Caverns

    National Park New Mexico

Brochures & Publications

These publications are freely distributed by the National Park Service. All require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

* Be aware that some brochures have the park's former area code (505, now 575) but are otherwise current.

Park planning-related documents may be found on the park's planning pages or on the National Park Service's Planning, Environment and Public Comment website.

Brochures/Site Bulletins
Accessibility Guide [31k PDF]
The self-guided Big Room Tour is partially accessible to visitors using wheelchairs.
Backcountry Caves [232k PDF]
Backcountry Use [295k PDF]
For those seeking an outdoor “wilderness” experience, a hike in the park’s backcountry may provide solitude, solace, and views of remarkable scenery.
Bat Research [1124k PDF]
How many bats and other common questions.

Cave Geology [130k PDF]
There are over 300 caves in the Guadalupe Mountains and more than 100 have been surveyed in this park alone, many of which exhibit the characteristically large rooms associated with their unusual method of dissolution.


Caverns' Chronology [1783k PDF]
The history of the Carlsbad Caverns area.

The Permian Period [484k PDF]
The rocks and fossils of Carlsbad Caverns National Park tell a story of the area during the Permian Period when the landscape was dramatically different from what we see today.
Surface Geology [325k PDF]
The dramatic landscape of Carlsbad Caverns National Park would not have existed without a distinguishing series of geologic events and processes.


Amphibians and Reptiles [347k PDF]
Birds [137k PDF]
Insects [256k PDF]
Mammals [273k PDF]
Plants [314k PDF]


Canyons & Caves - A newsletter from the Resources Stewardship and Science Division. List of contents by years 1996-2004, issues 1-35 is here [315k PDF].

Issue 1, Spring 1996 [36k PDF]
Issue 2, Summer 1996 [201k PDF]
Issue 3, Fall 1996 [52k PDF]
Issue 4, Winter 1996 [45k PDF]
Issue 5, Summer 1997 [93k PDF]
Issue 6, Fall 1997 [39k PDF]
Issue 7, Winter 1997 [113k PDF]
Issue 8, Spring 1998 [176k PDF]
Issue 9, Summer 1998 [829k PDF]
Issue 10, Fall 1998 [866k PDF]
Issue 11, Winter 1998 [197k PDF]
Issue 12, Spring 1999 [323k PDF]
Issue 13, Summer 1999 [566k PDF]
Issue 14, Fall 1999 [704k PDF]
Issue 15, Winter 1999 [674k PDF]
Issue 16, Spring 2000 [937k PDF]
Issue 17, Summer 2000 [1147k PDF]
Issue 18, Fall 2000 [976k PDF]
Issue 19, Winter 2000 [1221k PDF]
Issue 20, Spring 2001 [1378k PDF]
Issue 21, Summer 2001 [817k PDF]
Issue 22, Fall 2001 [1467k PDF]
Issue 23, Winter 2001 [454k PDF]
Issue 24, Spring 2002 [993k PDF]
Issue 25, Summer 2002 [921k PDF]
Issue 26, Autumn 2002 [842k PDF]
Issue 27, Winter 2002 [796k PDF]
Issue 28, Spring 2003 [949k PDF]
Issue 29, Summer 2003 [2394k PDF]
Issue 30, Fall 2003 [2807k PDF]
Issue 31, Winter 2003 [1066k PDF]
Issue 32, Spring 2004 [2352k PDF]
Issue 33, Summer 2004 [706k PDF]
Issue 34, Fall 2004 [683k PDF]
Issue 35, Winter 2004 [822k PDF]
Issue 36, Spring 2005 [638k PDF]
Issue 37, Summer 2005 [756k PDF]
Issue 38, Winter 2009 [2,951k PDF]
Issue 39, Spring 2009 [1141K PDF]
Issue 40, Summer 2009 [630k PDF]
Issue 41, Fall 2009 [870k PDF]

Issue 42, Winter 2009-2010 [745k PDF]


Lechuguilla Newsletter

Issue 1, January 2005 [479k PDF]
Issue 2, January 2007 [2509k PDF]
Issue 3, April 2008 [5,023k PDF]


CAVE History Updates

Issue 5, August 2003 [505k PDF]
Issue 6, September 2003 [156k PDF]
Issue 7, October 2003 [953k PDF]
Issue 8, December 2003 [116k PDF]
Issue 9, February 2004 [517k PDF]
Issue 10, August 2004 [606k PDF]
Issue 11, April 2005 [744k PDF]


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