• Photo of the steep natural entrance of Carlsbad Caverns

    Carlsbad Caverns

    National Park New Mexico

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  • Cave Lighting Project

    We are undergoing a year-long lighting project in the cavern. Please be aware of caution tape along pathways inside the cave and use due care.


Roundnose minnows (Dionda episcopa) in the pond at Rattlesnake Springs.
Roundnose Minnows (Dionda episcopa) in the pond at Rattlesnake Springs.
NPS Photo by Kristin Dorman-Johnson

Five species of fish have been found at Rattlesnake Springs. Two of these species are native-Roundnose Minnow and Greenthroat Darter. The other three species are non-native fish and they include Green Sunfish, Largemouth Bass, and Western Mosquitofish. In the summer of 2007, a project was completed to remove the non-native Green Sunfish and Largemouth Bass from the pond. These fish were relocated to an appropriate location on the Pecos River, where they are native. The Western Mosquitofish have only been found in the natural channel and these fish are removed when found.

Did You Know?

The natural entrance of Carlsbad Cavern.

In 2003, a park employee found a piece of a stone scraper within view of Carlsbad Cavern's entrance that goes back to Ice Age Indian hunters. In 2004, archeologists found fragments of two spear points of the Midland-style Paleo Indian projectile points of some 10,000 years ago.