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    Catoctin Mountain

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Catoctin Mountain Park has a small bookstore located inside the park Visitor Center. Although small is size, our bookstore contains natural history guides, children's books, hiking guides, and a few cultural history titles.

Hours of the bookstore operation are the same as the Visitor Center hours:

The bookstore is managed by Eastern National, a cooperating association. The bookstore in Catoctin Mountain Park does not offer on-line services or mail order however, Eastern National has an on-line bookstore which may meet your needs.

Did You Know?

OSS Logo

Early April, 1942 a basic training school for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was opened at Area B (Catoctin Mountain Park).The school evolved into primarily paramilitary training with British Captain William Fairbairn, “Fearless Dan” or “Shanghai Buster” as it’s most famous instructor.