Catoctin Mountain Park has two designated picnic areas: Chestnut Picnic Area and Owens Creek Picnic Area.

Chestnut Picnic Area is on the west end of the park. There are picnic tables, grills and restroom facilities. The Spicebush Nature Trail is accessed from there. The Spicebush Nature Trail is wheelchair-accessible with a natural-looking specially bonded WoodCarpet® that is firm and stable. Accessible parking and two wheelchair-accessible picnic tables connect to the trail. Restrooms are within 200' of the Spicebush nature trail. Historic Camp Greentop, known for its tradition of serving children with disabilities, is also very close. Map of the Chestnut Picnic Area and Spicebush Nature Trail.

Owens Creek Picnic Area is also on the west end of the park. There are picnic tables and grills, but no restroom facilities. The Brown's Farm trail is accessed from there. Map of the Owens Creek Picnic Area and Brown's Farm Trail.

Picnic tables are also located near trail heads and public parking areas.

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