Train To Be a Spy (OSS)

A spy is a person who secretly collects information about an enemy. Being a spy during World War II was tough work and everything was secret. Some American spies in World War II worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which later became the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after World War II.

The basic mission of spies in the OSS was to obtain information and to sabotage (stop or weaken) the military efforts of enemy nations during World War II.

Training was very important to teach the spies the skills that could help keep them alive and accomplish their missions. One of the training areas for the OSS was in the Catoctin Recreational Area, now known as Catoctin Mountain Park.

Watch the movie clips to learn about some of the training of the OSS and find the answers to the questions below.

Some terms used in the movie clips:

Guerrrillas - Small groups of people who fight against their enemy with irregular tactics.

Saboteurs - Groups of people who deliberately destroy something, in this case for a military advantage.

Question 1. How did the men get to the secret OSS training camp?


Question 2. How many men were in a class?

A. Less than a dozen

B. More than 100

C. 30

Watch the movie clip below and answer the questions.

Question 5. What did the men live in while in camp?


Did You Know?